“I confirm that Mrs Machel has formally and in writing accepted the benefits bequeathed to her in the last will and testament of former president Mr NR Mandela,” Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke said on behalf of the executors of the struggle icon’s estate.
The decision came during a 90-day period from the public release of the will, for her to decide.
Mandela married Graca, his third wife on his 80th birthday. They were married in community of property.
Chief Justice Moseneke explained that when a couple was married in community of property they were entitled to 50 percent of the estate if one of the partner’s died. This would mean that she would be entitled to half of Madiba’s estimated R46 million estate ($4.6 million).
He waiver means that she now takes ownership of four properties they jointly owned in Moçambique, all their vehicles, jewellery she received during the marriage and all the money in their accounts which are registered in her name.
Source: Independent Online